Attorney Conference Calls

Conference Calling For Attorneys and other Legal Organizations

Call Detail Records

CDR is an acronym for Call Detail Records.

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Conference Phone

The type of phone you use in a conference call can make a big impact on the entire quality of the call as well as affecting your usability and experience on the call.
Conference Phones
There are so many types of phones in use today. The types range from speaker phones, hand held, headset, bluetooth, VoIP, and [...]

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Business Conference

Is conferencing good for businesses? The answer is a resounding YES! Conducting your business meetings via a business conference call has the following advantages:

Inexpensive: compared with travel expenses,
Convenient: especially with reservationless, anywhere, anytime conferencing.
Record: recording allows for an instant record of the meeting and can be replayed for absent attendees,
Schedules: are minimally impacted,
Facilities: usage is [...]

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Teleconference as a term has been around for quite a while now. While the term is not used as much as it used to be, the popularity and usage of conference calling services have been increasing, especially in the new reality of high energy prices and congested highway systems.
Here’s a quick list of teleconference features:
Dial [...]

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Conference On Demand

Have you ever needed to have a conference call without a reservation? Welcome to “Conference On Demand” or “Conferencing On Demand”. The concept involves a non expiring toll free access number, conference code, and host pass codes. These items, provided they are good forever (or a very long period of time) allows for a conference [...]

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We have started a glossary of terms to help you navigate through the information regarding our conference calling service.

Audio Conferencing: where more than two calling parties wish to talk and listen to each other in a bridged telephone call.
Web Conferencing: where multiple parties wish to communicate with each other using a variety of internet based [...]

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Green Communications

Well, with everyone jumping on the “green” bandwagon, we figured we might as well too :).
Our conference communications service is about as green as green technology gets. We use low power consumption computers, keep the lights off at the data centers as much as possible.
A conference calling service in itself helps to promote the “green [...]

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