Attorney Conference Calls

Conference Calling For Attorneys and other Legal Organizations

Call Detail Records

The web based “Conference Control Center” provides a detailed reports section. Clicking on the CDRs tab brings up the reports control panel.

The following basic information is displayed:

Called number: the phone number the user dialed to access the conference.
Calling number: the phone number of the participant.
Sequence number: the number of times this phone number dialed into [...]

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Track Conference Calls

Real Time Tracking
You can track your conference call participants in real time with a geographic tracking map. has integrated Google Maps with their conference calling service to provide a tracking map of conference participants in real time.
Conference Tracking Map
A screen shot of the tracking map is shown below.

Once the conference call has started, the [...]

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Name Announce Recordings

The recorded names of your participants are obtained via the Conference Control Center. These recordings are a part of the Rollcall option called Name Record. After logging in, click on the “Names” tab at the top of the page.

A list of recorded names are displayed on the control panel as shown.

Recorded names may be downloaded [...]

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Access Codes

As a cutomer of Attorney Conference, you may have as many conference access codes (aka Conference ID) as you need. There are no additional fees or charges associated with extra access codes.
Many customers use multiple conference access codes as a way to account internally for conference call usages. Some ways to manage usage by access [...]

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Dedicated Number

If you need a custom announcement for your company, a dedicated toll-free number for your conference call is available for $20/mo.
This is an OPTIONAL feature. The custom announcement might be like: “Welcome to the ABC Company Inc. Conference Call” etc…
A custom announcement is a great way to brand your conference call. This extra customization will [...]

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Conference Call Password

One of the least used and often forgotten conference calling feature is “Conference Call Password”. This pass code security feature works by prompting the conference participants for a “password” after the conference ID has been entered. The conference call password increases security by requiring callers to enter a second set of digits beyond the conference [...]

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Standard Conference Service Chart
The following chart highlights our conference calling service features with details and links to additional resources.

List Conference Features by Category
Printer Friendly Comparison Chart

Conference On Demand

Standard Offerings

Dial in Number
Toll-Free USA

International Calling Access
10 Digit (non toll-free global)

Reservationless 24-hour access

See Operator-Assisted

Price per minute/caller
7.9 cents/min/caller

Toll-Free Customer Support
7am-9pm EST

Conference Room Size
120 (more with a reservation)

Conference Call [...]

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Privacy: Conference Call Lock

Disable Additional Callers
The host of the conference call has access via the telephone keypad to disallow or “Lock” the conference call from additional callers entering the conference call. This security lock is a great security feature.
** - (Star Star) to lock or unlock the conference call.
When the host presses **, they will hear a prompt: [...]

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Add Participant: Conference Call

Add a Person to the Conference Call
The host of the conference call has access via the telephone keypad to add an additional participant to the conference call. This is a great feature to use when someone forgets about a conference call and you need to add them.

By pressing *0 (Star Zero) the host is given [...]

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Phone Disconnect: Conference Call

Drop or Disconnect a Phone Conference Line
The host of the conference call has access via the “Conference Control Center” to adjust many aspects of each individual line in the conference call, including hangup or dropping a caller.
Here’s an online tutorial for web based call control.
Web Control Screen Shot

Conference call phone disconnect capabilities are easy to [...]

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Phone Volume: Conference Call

You may adjust your listening volume (how loud the conference call is to you) and your talk volume (how loud you are to the rest of the conference).
Listen Volume
The listen volume can be adjusted by each participant via their telephone keypad. This is a great feature especially if your phone (or headset) does not output [...]

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Conference Call Recording

Conference call recording is a great way to preserve a record of important meetings. Conference call recordings can be replayed for members who were unable to attend live, can be made available for podcasts, transcription, and other broadcast mediums.
Our conference call recording is controlled by the conference host’s telephone or touchtone keypad.

Host using the telephone [...]

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Sign up for Conference Calling

To sign up or if you have any questions:

Call us toll free at 1-877-282-2087.
Email us at
Or use our on-line signup form.

Conference Calling Setup
All we need to setup your account is:

Company name, address, city, state, zip
Billing contact person, email address, phone number
How many conference ID’s you need.

We normally email the invoice monthly and you can [...]

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How To Conference Call

How to conference call
When you sign up for a conference calling account with us, you will receive an email which contains the following three pieces of information:

Toll free dial in number
Conference ID
Host Passcode

Keep the host passcode confidential. It is only for the host. Do not distribute the host passcode.
The toll-free number is good for the [...]

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Reservationless Conference Calling

Reservationless Conference Calling
What does the term “reservation-less conference calling” mean? In the simplest of terms, it describes the ability to have a conference call anytime of the day (and any day) without the need to reserve the ‘room’ or lines.

Conference Technology
Amazingly, there are still providers out there that require you to call in advance to [...]

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Conference Calls - Service Provider

Conference Calling Service
Welcome to our blog!
Our company is Attorney Conference. We provide conference calling services to mid-large size companies (and small companies too). We offer all the typical conference calling features of an audio conferencing service and we use only regular telephone lines (not the Voice over Internet stuff) with a rate of 7.9 cents [...]

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