Conference Calling Features

Conference Calling Features

How to:

1. We offer reservationless audio, operator assisted audio, and record ability.
2. You may have up to 120 participants on a normal conference call.
3. The conference number you dial is toll-free.
4. Via the web based Call Control Center, you have the same information as we have. You may check your conference minutes for the month, review your monthly invoice, track your payment history, as well as view employees on a current conference call, and much more!

Teleconferencing with no reservations. Ready when you are!

-This easy-to-use, fully-automated teleconferencing service is ideal for your everyday conferencing needs of up to 120 callers.
-With Reservationless conferencing you receive a permanent, toll-free 800 number and conference ID.

To start conferencing, simply send the participants the date, time, 800 number and conference ID.

DIAL IN AS HOST - To start a conference simply:
1. Dial your toll free access number (provided to you when you sign up).
2. Enter your Conference ID "xxxxxx"
3. Enter your Pass Code "xxxxxx"(host only)

As host you have to do all 3 steps, participants only do the first 2.
To invite participants simply email them the time, toll free number, and conference ID.

DIAL IN AS A PARTICIPANT - To join in a conference simply:
1. Dial your toll free access number (provided to you when you sign up).
2. Enter your Conference ID "xxxxxx"

KEYPAD CONTROLS- Touchtone Controls

*1 - Mute
*2 - Unmute
*3 - Listen Volume
*4 - Mute All (Host)
*5 - Unmute All (Host)
*6 - Talk Volume
*7 - Record Start/Stop
*8 - Record Pause
*9 - Roll Call
** - Lock/Unlock
*# - Number of Callers
*0 - Call Out Feature

*1 Mute
(*1) mutes your individual phone.

*2 Un-mute
(*2) un-mutes your individual phone

*3 Listen Volume
(*3) raises and lowers the volume on a specific phone.

*4 Mute All (Host Only)
(*4) mutes everyone on the call except the host. Only the host may use this feature.

*5 Un-mute All (Host Only)
(*5) un-mutes everyone on the call. Only the host may use this feature.

*6 Talk Volume
(*6) raises and lowers the volume of the speakers voice on a specific phone.

*7/*8 Record Start/Stop
(*7) allows the host to record a conference. Press *7 once to start the record, press *8 to end the record. Records may be accessed through the website.

Records are access through the web interface, simply log in and choose the conference id for which the record was made. The recorded files will appear on the right for download or to listen to.

*7/*8 Record Pause
Once you have started a record, you may pause it without stopping it completely. Press *7 to pause the record and press *8 again to resume the record.

*9 Roll Call (must be activated)
(*9) allows anyone on the call to listen to who is on the call, with the option of hearing the phone number they are calling from.

** Lock/Unlock Conference (must be activated)
(**) locks the call so no one else may enter.

*# Number of Callers (must be activated)
(*#) reports the number of callers on the call.

*0 Call Out (host only)
press *0 to initiate the call out, wait for the beep then enter the number of the person you want to join the meeting. Once the number is enter correctly you will hear a sec single beep. If you hear a double beep you have enter the number incorrectly. The party then picks up the phone and says hello...they are then placed into the conference.

Your calling rate made simple

You are only billed for the minutes that you use. No monthly fees, no contracts, no minimums, and no hidden charges.

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