Privacy Policy

Web usage information we collect and use

1. When internet visitors access our web sites, we automatically receive certain "Web usage" information. For example, our Web servers automatically collect the visitor's IP address, the visitor's Web browser and operating system types, and the identity of the Web page from which the visitor's browser entered our Web site. In addition, primarily through the use of cookies or Web beacons, we may collect other Web usage information, such as the Web pages the browser visits on our Web sites, the amount of time spent on such Web pages and whether the browser re-visits our Web sites/pages.

2. We use web page usage information to facilitate and to expand and improve our Web visitors' online experience. We may also aggregate such Web usage information with other visitors' Web usage information to assess trends and better design, monitor and otherwise improve our Web sites, as well as to focus our marketing efforts.

3. In some cases we may combine Web usage information related to your access to our Web sites with personal identifying information. We use the combined information to provide our customers and Web visitors with a better online experience by providing customized features and services and to market and provide advertising about goods and services that may be of particular interest. Once combined, the resulting data is protected as personal identifying information as described in this policy.

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