Attorney Conference Calls

Conference Calling For Attorneys and other Legal Organizations

Call Control

When you sign up for a conference calling account with us, you will receive an email which contains the following three pieces of information:

  1. Toll free dial in number
  2. Conference ID
  3. Host Passcode

Keep the host passcode confidential. It is only for the host. Do not distribute the host passcode.

The toll-free number is good for the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada (at a slightly higher rate.) Contact your sales representative if you need an international access number.

Setting up a conference call

Send out the following information to all participants:

  1. Toll free dial in number
  2. Conference ID

Most of our customers use their email to notify participants of an upcoming call.

Call Experience

  1. Everyone dials the toll free number (except from international locations),
  2. “Welcome to the conferencing service. Please enter your conference ID”.
  3. All callers (including the host) will enter the six digit conference ID.
  4. If the host has already entered the conference, then all callers will be placed into the conference. Otherwise, callers will hear music on hold until the host arrives.
  5. If the host has not yet arrived, all callers will hear the prompt: “If you are the host, please press one, otherwise please press two to join your conference”.
  6. The host will press one, then will be prompted to enter the host passcode.
  7. If you are the first caller, you will hear: “You are the first caller to join the conference”.

If you prefer to not use the host passcode feature (everyone can conference without the host). Contact your sales representative if you need it changed.

You can use any of our conference calling features via the telephone keypad or via our web controls.

Through the Conference Control Center, hosts of a conference call can control a variety of call functions on all individual lines, as well as the conference call as a whole.

These individual functions include:

Volume Adjustments

The volume adjustment has three levels available (High, Medium, Low). Clicking the adjustment button will toggle through those levels.

Drop a Caller (Disconnect)

Disconnecting a caller (or dropping a line) is simply a matter of clicking on the “Hangup” button. The caller is immediately disconnected from the conference call and the screen is refreshed with the latest status.


An on-line tutorial on call control is available for viewing.

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