Attorney Conference Calls

Conference Calling For Attorneys and other Legal Organizations

Transcription-Basic Information

  • The work is done¬†entirely in the US, never shipped overseas
  • Quick - many delivery options available from 3 business days to 6 hours
  • Accurate - Double proofed by experienced proofreaders yielding 99.8% accuracy
    • This is higher than almost all other transcription companies.
  • Easy to read - Uses courier new, 12 point, double spaced, one inch margins
  • Compatible - Delivered as an MS Word attachment to and EMail
  • Green - Everything is done electronically, no paper is generated until you print a copy
  • Different levels of Transcription to suit every need.
    • Verbatim - Leaves out ALL ums, uhs, ers and aws
    • Non-Verbatim -¬†Verbatim + leaves out uh-huh, okays, you knows ONLY when they have no meaning
    • Strict Verbatim - Exactly as spoken, Nothing left out.
  • Pricing as low as $3.69 per minute
  • Completely Host controlled. Use our Host web page to schedule and track progress.
  • Less expensive than having it done in-house in most cases

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