Attorney Conference Calls

Conference Calling For Attorneys and other Legal Organizations

Call Detail Records

The web based “Conference Control Center” provides a detailed reports section. Clicking on the CDRs tab brings up the reports control panel.

The following basic information is displayed:

Called number: the phone number the user dialed to access the conference.
Calling number: the phone number of the participant.
Sequence number: the number of times this phone number dialed into [...]

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Track Conference Calls

Real Time Tracking
You can track your conference call participants in real time with a geographic tracking map. has integrated Google Maps with their conference calling service to provide a tracking map of conference participants in real time.
Conference Tracking Map
A screen shot of the tracking map is shown below.

Once the conference call has started, the [...]

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Call Control

When you sign up for a conference calling account with us, you will receive an email which contains the following three pieces of information:

Toll free dial in number
Conference ID
Host Passcode

Keep the host passcode confidential. It is only for the host. Do not distribute the host passcode.
The toll-free number is good for the continental United States, [...]

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