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Operator Assisted

Operator Assisted Conference Service Chart

The following chart highlights our operator assisted conference calling service features with details and links to additional resources.



Operator Assisted Conference Standard Offerings
Dial in Number Toll-Free USA
International Calling Access 10 Digit (non toll-free global)
Schedule 48 hour notice
Operators Monday-Friday 7am-9pm EST
Hosts Multiple allowed, up to 50
Price per minute/caller 12.5 cents/min/caller
Toll-Free Customer Support 7am-9pm EST
Conference Room Size 300 (with a reservation)
Conference Call Recording Operator
Keypad Touchtone Commands Operator, and Participants
Live Call Web Commands Operator
Listen and Talk Volume Adjust Host and participants
Dial out and add to conference Hosts and Operator
Disconnect or Drop Callers Hosts and Operator
Lock and Unlock Conference Hosts and Operator
Conference Head Count Hosts and Operator
Rollcall Option: Name Record If enabled
Rollcall Option: Enter Phone Number If enabled
Rollcall Option: CallerID Enabled if CallerID is available
Entry Tone Enabled
Conference Password If enabled
Access Codes Unlimited
PAC - Account Codes Assignable, one per access code
Custom Messages, Dedicated Number $20/mo custom toll-free number
Conference Reports Summary and Detailed
Conference Invoice Monthly via email

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