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Roll call is a great feature used to document and identify all participants on a conference call. We offer three versions that can be used once, or in combination with each other.

Rollcall Option: Name Record

The ability to require name recording gives you an audio verification of a caller. All of the name recordings can be retrieved from the Conference Control Center under the “Names” tab.

Rollcall Option: Enter Phone Number

You may require your participants to enter their phone number after the prompt. These numbers appear in your reports and invoice detailed sections.

Rollcall Option: CallerID

You may wish to use CallerID to identify your conference participants. This feature is dependant upon receiving this data from the calling party. In addition, multiple participants calling from inside a PBX may appear as a single CallerID. This information appears in your reports and invoice detailed sections.

Enabling Rollcall Options

After logging into the Conference Control Center,  click on the “Options” tab at the top to access the Options screen.

Here’s an online tutorial for changing the touch tone options.

Web Control Screen Shot

Roll call options

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